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Packt like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box.

31 Jan


This is a fan made video for the song ‘Packt Like Sardines in a crushd tin box’ by Radiohead.

I hope in one of my upcoming projects I can create a piece of film or use the work as Radiohead as a reference within my work, perhaps looking at their anti-establishment/consumerism opinion in our modern day ‘1984’ world.


Lekan Jejifo

26 Jan

Lekan Jejifo is an artist I found whilst searching through
Jejifo works with architecture and urban landscape

Do we really live in a society inspired by Orwells ‘1984’

22 Jan

Images taken from Orwell’s 1984, a book written about how we are being constantly watched and monitored by the government, something I think makes interesting visuals for artwork.

Finding Artists.

20 Jan

Here is a sight I’ve stumbled across which has a rage of different artists which use a range of different styles. Some of which that are done digitally whilst others hand rendered whilst others combine the two to create a number of different styles.