Abstract Expressionism and Jackson Pollock

17 Apr

Abstract expressionism was developed in America after World War 2. It was one of the first specifically American Movements to achieve international influence and put New York at the centre of the western art world.

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at a piece of Abstract expressionism is how free the work is, Jackson Pollock a renown artist of this movement created a piece by laying a canvas on the ground and dripping paint across it





To the left is one of Pollocks images titled, No. 5 1948 oil on a fiberboard.As previously mentioned, Pollock would literally drip paint at random onto a canvas, the question could be asked is this art? I personally would give the short answer of yes, I think that this is a way of Pollock expressing himself, the paint just carelessly thrown across the page gives me the impression that Pollock is bored of the art of his time and wanted to break boundaries expressing that this is also art, it doesnt always have to be something that makes sense, maybe he was saying just that, that all art doesnt make sense, but that doesnt change that it is less of a piece than something else.

The black background still coming through the colours works well against his pallet choice, showing an angry or 


distressed individual, I think that this is something that will later influence an indivi

dual similar to Pollock by the name of Jean Michel Basquiat. 


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