Andy Warhol and Gerhard Richter

17 Apr

Both these artists work with portraiture, but each have their own style, in this post I will look at each of the three.

Andy Warhol is a popart artist known for his work with Campbell Soup, in which he used the same image recurred it, just copying and pasting across the whole canvas, almost as if it was a shop shelf, the piece was to show the power of consumerism by just using the same thing over and over again, he is also known for this portrait of Marilyn Monroe in which he did a similar thing however altered the colour on each image.


Gerhard Richter Image

Gerhard Richter uses alot of black and white, throughout his whole collection, he captures the human form in a distorted way using paints to create a blur across the figures in particularly the faces as if they are fading away, forgotten, In the image to the right its almost as if the woman is being pulled away from her child and wrapped herself around him to so they can stay together. 

It also looks as if the woman is protecting her child from something the look on the woman’s face appears to be of disgust to whoever is looking at her.


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