Damien Hirst.

17 Apr

 Damien Hirst is a currently popular and renown artist known for his work with dead animals, Hirst preserves various animals such as sheep and shark in a gel designed to keep the bodies from composing. He has these carcasses preserved in numerous ways having the body of a cow split in two letting the person walk between the two sides.


Hirst has come under alot of scrutiny in recent years because he admits to paying artists to do the work for him, he provides the idea of what he wants and maybe begins it however pays other people to finish the job for him.


A particularly known piece by Hirst is his diamond skull titled ‘For the love of god’ this skull was made from 

#15,000,000 worth of diamonds, around 8,601 used weighing in at a total of 1,106.18 carats. The model was based of an 18th century skull and the teeth were the only original part of the human,  The asking price for For the Love of God was £50,000,000 ($100 million or 75 million euros). It didn’t sell outright, and on 30 August 2008 was sold to a consortium that included Hirst himself and his gallery White Cube.


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