My Final Major Project.

17 Apr

For my final major project I have decided to create a range of bottle designs marketing various bands, this was inspired by the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix bottle campaign for the famous drinks company ‘Becks’.

Various bands are known by just a logo, the simplicity of the Rolling Stones Lips is iconic to the band and can be recognised around the world, even by people that arent particular fans of the band. I want to recreate and rebrand the bands using a simplistic style developed in the style of artists such as Olly Moss and …….. For instance if I was doing work for a band that already had a established logo such as the Rolling Stones I would completely change it and make it unique to my own designs.

I also want to create labels based of the bands name or the title of certain songs, for instance if looking at doing work  for the band The Walkmen, I would create an image based around a Walkman, taking a literal approach on the bands name.

I have also began to decide on how I will be packaging the bottles at the exhibition at the end of the project, which I will post at a later date with a definitive idea. 


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