Olly Moss

17 Apr

Olly Moss is a graphic designer aged 24, Moss has quite recently become very popular with his simplistic poster designs created for large successful companies such as Nike, Lucasfilm, Apple, Paramount, Levis and more. 

Moss’ early success is product of his unique designs which has seemingly provoked attention to simplistic and minimalistic style of work and is now used often in promotion for a vast range of products. 


Here is an image Moss created for the film Source Code, this is one of my personal favourites by Moss. The image shows Jake Gyllenhaal (the protagonist in the film) walking through a blank landscape, illustrating the isolation he has within the film. At his feet is a clock made of traintracks(the film is set on the train) and the number 8 is the only number visible which is how long he has to complete his reoccuring mission. I also love how his shadow casts the hands of the clock, something really clever.


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